Who are we?

Travel Hub

We produce cutting edge inspirational and informative international and local travel videos, photos and blog web content.


We sell memorable and/or functional travel related products

Advertising Platform

Providing companies within the travel industry an affordable options to get their brand in front of the right audience.


We are actively involved in the travel community, sharing and listening to stories from our social media networks.

Our Story

The Golden Compass travel network focuses on Travel, Lifestyle and Adventure. Whether sampling raw vegan treats in Toronto (In My Own Backyard), to Running With The Bulls in Spain (Rudderless), The Golden Compass aims to be the online source for travellers looking to feed their wanderlust and inspire their travel experiences.


Christopher Rudder

Christopher Rudder


Founder of The Golden Compass, Host (Rudderless, Uncharted, In My Own Backyard), Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Writer, Social Media, Research.
– Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist – to quote Avengers.

Gordana Grubor

Gordana Grubor

Air Traffic Control

Photographer, Videographer, Finance.
– She takes Christopher’s excessive imagination, needs and wants and after reviewing finances…grounds everything on the tarmac

Byron Armstrong

Frequent Flyer / Business Class

Creator of (S.O.U.L), Handles all The Urban Compass Group Business.
– Books interviews for all series, books meetings, hunts for advertising opportunities. Tries to get everything off the tarmac and into the air!

In My Own Backyard Season One Promo/Trailer

Toronto is really unique…let’s find the beauty in your own backyard; which is exactly what this series is about. Starting in Toronto and eventually branching out to the rest of Canada.

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