Seeing the reflection of the CN on all the building in the city is nothing new. In fact, no matter where you look, you’ll see cranes, construction and another condo going up…and yes they are going up faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage. Well to her credit she has been with Kanye West for awhile now. Anyways,  many argue that this city is becoming a ‘glass city’.


Real Estate is booming and the average house is worth about a million. Are these the signs of a youthful, growing city? I think so. My true issue is with Toronto’s infrastructure. Our subways system is over burdened and hasn’t been upgraded or extended as the city grew. Honestly, there are cities of the same size (land and inhabitants) around the world that have a much better subway system. Then we have traffic. Oh boy, the traffic. The streets of Toronto could be packed on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyways, that my rant. I can handle the condos. But if more people are to live in the clouds, then the underground subways, highways and main streets need be upgrade as well. What are your thoughts?

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