Feature Preparation


How do I prepare for my feature?
If you’ve already be chosen then the following is a list of the shoot requirements:

Shoot & Episode Times:

  • Shoot Time: Approx. 1 to 2 hours
  • Completed Episode Duration: Mini Feature – Approx. 3 – 6 minutes

Pre Production Shot List requirements:

  • “A” Roll Footage – The Interview (**Someone who knows the business really well and is excited to talk about it. (Creator, Owner, Manager, Employee, Event Planner/Coordinator, Media Spokesperson etc.)
  • A quiet room (if possible)
  • A well lit room (if possible)
  • “B” Roll Footage – Various clips and footage that support the “A” Roll Footage (Interview)
  • Various outdoor/location shots (business, event etc.)
  • Various indoor shots (environment, atmosphere, staff, customers, event attendees etc.)
  • Product shots (food, drinks, clothing, art etc.)
  • Product development shots (cooking/preparing food, sewing outfits, mixing or brewing drinks, preparing venue etc.)
  • Product Interaction Shots (host/interviewer participates in making and/or trying products in product development shots)

Post Production:

  • At this stage for titling purposes we require; the full name of the interviewee, company/brand name, company/brand website url (if we don’t already have it you will be notified.)


  • Once the episode is complete it will be uploaded to our Vimeo account with an assigned password. You will be notified via e-mail with a Vimeo url and a password to view the episode for approval. At this point you can approve the episode or request minor changes.
  • Once the episode is approved you will be given a YouTube url/link and a link to the episodes page on our website when the episode is ready to go live.

Social Meda:

  • We strongly recommend that you share your episodes YouTube and IMOB page url with your social media networks and on your website to bring maximum exposure to your brand. We will post the episode on our social media networks as well.

**If you have any further questions, please post them in our Discussion Board below and a representative from In My Own Backyard will reply to your post.


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