Fogo Island is known as one of the largest islands located in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada which is about 25 km long and 14 km long. It is famous as one of the best destinations to visit among fans of travelling. There are a number of attractions that one cannot resist about Fogo Island.



Getting to Fogo Island is pretty straight forward. You will most likely arrive at St. John’s International Airport so the fastest way unless you can afford a private jet ride directly to Fogo Island is to take a flight from St. John’s International Airport to Gander International Airport. From Gander you will need to drive to Port Albert. (I suggest you reserve your car ahead of time) Take Highway 320 to 331 then 311 to 355. Once in you Port Albert you are taking the Fogo Island – Change Islands – Farewell Ferry (check ferry times here). After you ferry ride you will end up at Stag Harbour on Fogo Island.

Day One

One of the many fascinating features of Fogo Islands is Joe Bett’s Arm. It is a small community which has its own history of English settlers. The main attraction of Joe Batt’s Arm…The Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn
The Fogo Island Inn is one of the best places to stay if you ever visit Fogo as it is a luxury hotel with best services around the town. It does not only have an ultra-modern building which will steal away your breath but also provides wonderful services which anyone would become a fan of. Their posh furniture and wooden floors are a cherry on top so don’t forget to check in. If you are looking to get away from a stressful life, the Fogo Island Inn will probably provide you with a peaceful time.

Iceberg Alley
Every island up here feels incomplete without an iceberg drifting in from iceberg alley and while here you will not be disappointed by the beauty that Fogo Island offers. Every tourist who has been to Fogo Island has found this wide range of icebergs mesmerizing. They are situated in the Northern and Eastern coasts and you can go to see them on a sunny day, which will make them look even more attractive. These icebergs are said to be 10,000 years old and reflect a wide range of shades of blue. Whether you take a boat or hike to see them, you will not be disappointed by the effort you make.
A travel blogging friend of mine Kevin Wagar and his family the Wandering Wagars where up in St. Anthony & Twillingate spotted some stunning icebergs and caught some incredible footage in there post Spotting Icebergs in St. Anthony, Newfoundland 

Day Two

Brimstone Head
One thing which makes Fogo even more interesting is the Brimstone Head which is a personal favorite of many hikers. It is not only a good trek, but also provides with irresistible views of Fogo. Fogo is a culturally and historically rich island and its history adds to its beauty. There is a Flat Earth Society, which is convinced that the Earth is flat and they believe that Brimstone Head is one of the Four Corners of Earth. It is hard for us to believe, but the Flat Earth Society is satisfied with their discovery.

Just like Joe Bett’s Arm, Tilting has been another interesting community which one must see on their trip to Fogo Island. It is commonly known for its fishing structures and one can feel an Irish culture that persists. Tilting is one of the oldest communities in Canada as well. Along with cultural richness, Fogo also has a taste for arts. If you are a fan of the arts and humanities, you can visit the Fogo Arts Residency which is an art-venue that features multiple artists who perform through different mediums like painting, dancing etc.

Fogo Island, Newfoundland is not just another destination for travelers. It is full of cultural and traditional values which will leave you speechless.
Lets talk beer. The three I tried while here on logo island were made by the local brewery Quidi Vidi. “The Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Limited (QV) was established in 1996. QV is a Newfoundland-based independent brewing company focused on producing world-class quality beers for the mainstream, specialty, and now the premium segment of the beer market.” – Quidi Vidi

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Quidi Vidi Premium ICEBERG BEER

This refreshingly light lager is brewed with 25,000 year old iceberg water harvested from Newfoundland’s awe-inspiring icebergs.

fogo island
fogo island

Quidi Vidi Honey Brown Ale

Quidi Vidi Honey Brown ale is created with a precise combination of Chocolate Malt and Crystal Malts, then embellished with the richness of honey and gentle hopping.

fogo island
fogo island

Brewed with the finest two-row malt and a generous helping of hops. This is a full bodied, reddish amber ale that will be enjoyed by those who prefer European-style beers with substantial flavour. 1892 Traditional Ale commemorates the year of the great fire in St. John’s, Newfoundland. (For more info, click here.)

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