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The average person doesn’t need to think twice about getting out of town for 48 hour travel adventure or a long weekend of stressless fun. You’ve been at your office computer with the mouse pointer on the browsers minimize button, should your boss happen to walk by. But you’ve got the destination and you’ve nailed down some possible hotel choices but the only thing stopping you dead in your tracks is finding cheap flights. If your brave enough, you can do a Google search for “cheap flights” or “cheap airfare” then good luck sifting through all the pages of results. Not for me, my friends, not for me. I’m all about simplicity so I reach into my arsenal of travel apps search the best rates in flights with Skyscanner.

Swipe, tap, compare flights, click, scroll, compare airfare and before you know it your 2 day getaway itinerary is complete and all the a-hem hard work you did at the office has finally paid off. But wait! One of my favorite features with the Skyscanner App is the “everywhere” option. You simply choose your departure cities airport, tap everywhere and you are given a list of the cheapest flights heading out of your departure city at the moment. In true Rudderless fashion, that long weekend trip to that destination you always wanted to go to is now affordable.

“Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site, a place where people are inspired to plan and book direct from millions of travel options at the best prices.” 


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